“Nicole and Kate Can Relate” – new business and lifestyle podcast launched by Fishburners Nicole Baldinu

Nicole is the co-founder & COO WebinarNinja and the $100 MBA.  With her best friend and entrepreneur Kate Erickson, the women are also confidants, accountability partners who’ve been supporting each other over several years. 

On their new podcast, the women share their ups and our downs and hash out the big questions of life – do we want kids? Can we have it all? How do we stay healthy and keep our businesses running smoothly without major stress and overwhelm? 

Nicole and Kate spend their podcast talking things out because…that’s what real friends do – they provide love, support, and space for one another to share without judgment, speak without hesitation, and learn from each other – even when they don’t agree.

“I wanted to do this podcast after I found the conversations I was having with the women in my mastermind really beneficial. We’d talk about all sorts of topics like starting a family, confidence, time management, getting older, running multiple businesses – you name it – with real honesty and frankness,” Nicole says.

“After each call I’d feel energised, motivated and overall more confident to push through with my day and do what I needed to get done. So I thought why not share these conversations with others? Why not let people listen in to two friends talking openly and honestly about these issues? We hope that the listener can get the confidence and support they need simply by tuning in and feeling like they are a part of the conversation too.”

Episodes include:

  1. Vulnerability and sharing: Putting yourself out there isn’t always a super comfortable thing, but for those of us running a business, we know it’s part of the package.  This episode has Nicole and Kate sharing their own personal experiences with being vulnerable, (and what that actually means), plus share their perspectives on the question of sharing and how much is too much?
  2. Overwhelm: how can I make it go away? No matter how efficient we are, no matter how great of planners we are, and regardless of whether we have kids, a business, a job, are taking care of family members… We all know what it feels like to be overwhelmed. Nicole and Kate share their own personal experiences with what makes them feel overwhelmed, how they deal with overwhelm when it creeps up, and how they decide what to say yes to and what to say no to.
  3. Age is just a number, right?  In this episode Nicole and Kate discuss age; for some of us, our age determines how we dress, how we talk, the things we participate in, and how we think about what’s possible. But should it? They share their personal experiences with how they feel at their current age (Nicole at 43 and Kate at 38), what getting older feels (and looks) like for them, how age has changed their perspective on certain things, and – about death.
  4. Ever struggle with confidence? Us too. Nicole and Kate believe confidence is a sneaky thing. Struggles with confidence have been a part of their lives for as long as they can remember! And they’re pretty sure they’re not alone. In this episode the women share their personal experiences and struggles with confidence, decision-making, and how they’ve built confidence in specific areas over time. They believe when you put focus and effort towards improving something like confidence, anything is possible.

Do yourself a favour and listen to Nicole and Kate Can Relate today – you’ll hear some great advice and you might learn something new about yourself! 

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