Meet Urban Swan: A marketplace that aggregates Sydney’s best dating ideas

If you’ve ever found yourself on the verge of ‘date night’ with seemingly nothing to do, you’ll appreciate the fabulous concept of Urbanswan. It’s not a dating website but it is all about dating.

Urbanswan works alongside the best vendors in Sydney to provide couples with unforgettable date experiences, making date night decisions super easy.

“We are an online marketplace that curates unique date experiences for Gen Z and Younger Millennials. Urbanswan enables our users to easily book exciting dates, whatever their budget, passions or hobbies,” explains Urbanswan co-founder, Jason Sun

“My co-founders and I found ourselves in similar situation. We were struggling to find fun and exciting experiences to do for ‘date night’ and realised that this was in part due to the fact that the market was so fragmented, stale, and unexciting. Realising that this was a pretty common problem amongst gen Z and younger millennials, we created Urban Swan.”

Whatever your passions, hobbies, or budget, Urbanswan will help lovebirds find the perfect date. There’s a big focus on dates that are more accessible, more frequent and above all, more fun.

The Urbanswan philosophy is that no two relationships are the same, so no two dates should be either. It’s all about reimagining the perfect date away from ‘gram-worthy outfit. Plus, it’s no secret that experiential dates make for stronger relationships.

Prior to creating Urbanswan, Jason worked as a software engineer and as a management consultant. 

“My co-founders and I have all had many small entrepreneurial endeavours in our past. However, Urbanswan was our first deep dive into the world of start-ups. As a result, I’d say the hardest part was getting started, building an MVP, and finding our product-market fit,” Jason says.

So far Urbanswan’s biggest success has been sending its 1000th couple on a date.

“This landmark occasion really made us realise that the many streams of our business – marketing, sales and product – were truly working in harmony.”

The sky is the limit for Urbanswan, with plans to saturate the Sydney market then expand across Australia.  And, being a part of the Fishburners community has been a great help with their entrepreneurial journey.

 “We love the friendly and supportive environment at Fishburners. It’s allowed us to become friends with some of the other residents. Sometimes we’ll go for coffee and use each other as sounding boards for new ideas we have for our business, which is something we’ve found to be extremely useful.”

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