Meet the Burner: Jacob Kononiuk at Readily

Jacob Kononiuk created Readily to solve what he knows is a huge headache for many of us: the pain of returning those online purchases that just didn’t work out.

Readily is a B2C facing returns-processing powerhouse. It means returning that oversized sweater or that “too-tight” little black dress you bought online is now easier than ever. 

Simply choose a time and date & we’ll collect the return from your home. The best part? We refund you on the spot! Never weave through traffic and post office queues or wait weeks for your refund again,” Jacob explains.

“I’ve experienced the pain of online returns both as a seller and a consumer. For the lack of a better word, the process simply stinks. I’ve not met a single person that genuinely looks forward to returning something online, and since every online business globally does returns (be it warranties or change of mind), Readily is streamlining a vast problem.”

“On a personal level, there is nothing worse than carving out precious time for finding a parking spot and queuing at the post office. Our fundamental mission is to empower our customers with a stress-free shopping experience!”

Prior to working on Readily, Jacob operated an e-commerce business selling adventure accessories online. Through that business, he truly experienced the pain of online returns. Following that business, Jacob operated an omnichannel photography business.

“I think of Tech like photography; it’s an art and science. I transitioned to Readily and the fintech world because I have a deep passion for solving complex problems creatively. My cultural and professional background opens up doors that I simply would otherwise have missed,” Jacob says. 

One of the biggest challenges for Readily in the early days was finding a technical co-founder. 

“As I’m a non-technical founder, my ability to build a product is limited. But I stumbled upon a very eye-opening YC video by Avni Patel. I had the needed epiphany that allowed me to skip the hunt for a tech co-founder and stop delaying the launch of my MVP. It took a bit of remodelling and calculating, but  Readily is now a B2C facing, returns-processing powerhouse!” Jacob says.

Jacob says his biggest success so far is trusting himself and his abilities.

“Earlier this year, I took the leap of faith and quit my part-time job to bootstrap this seedling of a dream. So far it has been the best decision of my life, and I’m am exuberant to make a mark,” Jacob says.

“Readily’s MVP is officially rolling out at the end of April. I’ve got some exciting announcements for our first Sydney-based customers, and I anticipate the following weeks to be thrilling!”

Jacob says he is also thrilled to belong to the Fishburners community.

“I’m stoked to have joined Fishies. Not only have my table tennis and barista skills improved, but I’ve met fascinating people. Being around like-minded folks is crucial at an early stage.”

“If I had any advice for other startups it would be try to not get caught up in analysis-paralysis. Launch the most stripped-out version of your product, get it out to market ASAP, and don’t rely on features. The best way to test if you’re solving a big enough problem is launching your MVP.”

Readily is expanding its servicing every month so take a look at Readily to skip the queue and get your refund instantly!

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