Meet Skilligi: Online Classes To Engage Kids Productively While Parents Work From Home


Skilligi is the online class platform helping keep kids busy while parents work from home.  With over 60 students learning every week from Skilligi, it focusses on empowering children’s creativity, resilience and enjoyment through lessons in art, language, culture, academics, music, and more.

Founded in May 2020 by serial entrepreneurs, Govinda Pathak, Jack Shi and Santhosh Jose, Skilligi arose from their shared passion for the future of education and is the second startup they have built together. 

Jose built his first micro-business when he was only 12, Shi started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 16, and Pathak raised $50,000 to build a Formula 4 racing car when he was 20 years old. 

Now the formidable trio has come together with the shared vision of democratising skilled education for children, while also solving the problem of keeping children entertained while sharing space with working parents. 

Pathak said, “We feel working from home is a significant shift and is here to stay. We have found that parents who work from home sometimes

face the added problem of having to distract kids. Skilligi is a solution for those parents who don’t want their kids to spend their time unproductively, on TV or Ipads. Instead, we offer a plethora of courses that will engage kids and help them learn difficult concepts through arts.” 

With fun, engaging and affordable classes like ‘How To Animate in 2D’, ‘Disney Themed Art Classes’ and ‘Mandarin Lessons For Kids’, Skilligi has experienced more than 100% month on month growth and a 95% retention rate. 

Pathak said, “We took some time to find our super niche and target market, which I feel is super essential for a startup starting with limited resources. Since then, we have been working on delivering exceptional online classes for our subscribers. Fishburners’ startup network has been super helpful. The mentors have been amazing and have helped us connect across our verticals. The community has played an essential role in helping us validate our problem and testing out our solution.

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