Meet Instant Global Payments: The Startup That Started Another Startup Mid Pandemic

Instant Global Payments (IGP) is the new and easiest way to send money to any country with world-class exchange rates.

IGP was founded in 2018 by Chris Dwyer and Henry Newton after recognising Australia was falling behind Europe in reducing the cost of international fund transfers and deciding to drastically improve that process.

Instead of the traditional model of having to call or visit your bank branch, IGP allows customers to be signed up and sending money internationally in under 3 minutes online.

With a large portion of IGP client base being Australians importing good and services from overseas and Australian expats who have now returned home, COVID-19 saw a large decline in online transactions.

The unexpected silver lining of experiencing this drop in transaction volume was the team’s ability to harness the time and look at other societal issues which are of concern during the current pandemic.

The welcomed pause of business as usual led the IGP team to work with a group of restauranteurs and build a customer tracing app at no extra cost.

Co-Founder Chris Dwyer said, “In an exciting turn of events, we just launched which is an app that can be used by any cafe or restaurant, all around the world to allow staff to quickly and securely capture the customers’ names and contact details. We are committed to providing this resource to all cafes and restaurants for free, allowing them to get back to serving their customers while we get on with managing their data.”

Coming out of the pandemic with not one successful startup but two, the IGP team plan to continue serving their customers and providing impeccable value by turning complicated manual procedures into easy and instantaneous solutions.

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