Meet Biztech Lawyers: The Ultimate Tech-centric Business Law Firm and Legaltech Consultancy.

Biztech Lawyers founded by Anthony Bekker, assists tech businesses with all their commercial legal needs, with a particular passion and focus around high-growth tech start-ups.

After Anthony spent some time in global firms across multiple countries, he had a unique perspective on the dynamic relationship between the legal and operational edge some global companies used to accelerate quickly.

Anthony, said “ He wanted to bring this style of thinking and services to the Australian startup market in a way that enabled tech-driven companies to use legal technology to grow exponentially. As a decision making partner rather than a commercial blocker.” This evidently led Biztech to launch a successful legal consultancy firm who have a focus on data, privacy and contracting.

When asked what sparked Anthony’s entrepreneurial journey he said “I feel like I’ve come full circle in some ways in starting a new firm.” Biztech’s expertise sparked from his first experiences in private practice, to in-house counsel within a law firm, a corporate in-house team, in-house in government, to MBA, to getting out of law altogether, only to become General Counsel/Head of Operations at a rocket-ship ecommerce/marketing tech company, helping them break into the US from a small Sydney office and then on to 8 other markets and employing 150+ people.

Since launching the tech-centric law firm Anthony has noticed his passion for helping people solve complex problems; and having lived and breathed a startup/scale-up from the inside. Anthony said “Some people see legal as a cost-center and a risk function; I see it as a potential accelerator of your business.

It’s one thing to join a business and drive 10x growth, or scale up in value and staff, but it’s another to build a business from these very same principles and develop long-term partnerships with clients and see their success mirrored on your own. For Anthony, legal is a “growth-activator, not blocker.”

When it comes to the future for Biztech, they have just launched a new offering – Biztech Documents. It’s a great complement to their established advice service in terms of seeing an opportunity to service tech start-ups in a quick & amp; cost effective way. It’s designed to offer customisable legal documents that people can do themselves, confident that the quality is there. Users are guided through an expert interview wizard to complete their document, then a customised legal document prepared and sent to them in a few seconds.

If you need your legals sorted, come and find the team at Fishburners or learn more here so they can point you in the direction of the right docs, priced for the start up-entrepreneur.

Written by Hannah Johnston, Fishburners.

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