Human of Fishburners with Katrina Donaghy from Civic Ledger

Katrina Donaghy

Welcome to our Weekly Human of Fishburners Member Stories! Fishburners had a catch up with the Co-founder of Civic Ledger, Katrina Donaghy. She talks about how they started up and how being authentic is important when starting up.

What is your Startup?

Civic Ledger is an Australian start-up that uses the best of emerging technologies to transform a wide range of business process challenges faced by public sector markets. We use technologies including blockchain and smart contracts to enable citizens and customers to self-manage the speed, convenience, and control over their transactions with government such as entitlements and benefits.

How did you get started?

I met Lucas Cullen (Civic Ledger Co-Founder) when I joined his Brisbane Blockchain and Bitcoin Meetup here in Brisbane in April 2016. Lucas had been organising the Meetup for a number of years.

My motivation to join the Meetup was to connect with other people here in Brisbane who was also interested in the Blockchain Technology and the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin – the app that sits on top of the blockchain.

Lucas and I connected and as we learned more about our respective backgrounds – him a software developer and me an experienced bureaucrat – we realised that we both had the motivation to do something with the Blockchain Technology. Lucas had developed a solution to a problem facing governments which I knew intuitively would be a useful problem to solve.

Around this time Lucas presented at the Blockchain Summit in Melbourne and met a Sydney based Venture Capitalist and after some initial conversations about the solution he had developed was introduced to one of his partners.

In August 2016 Lucas and I had pitched the solution to the Queensland Government and in early September 2016 were engaged to deliver a proof of concept.

Fast forward 2 months and after a 2 hour meeting in Sydney; the four of us agreed to form a company that would provide blockchain solutions to public sector markets.

On 21 September 2016, Civic Ledger was founded.

How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by being inspired about the technology and the global problems it can solve. Civic Ledger is about solving problems that I actually care about as a citizen, a rate payer, and as a customer.

The technology is in its early phase of innovation so we are in a blue sea which is very exciting.

Who is your startup aimed at?

Public sector markets and their customers Biggest mistake or reality check you have learnt from your startup and how did you overcome it?

We are still quite young as a startup – now 8 months old – so we really haven’t made any big mistakes.

However, whilst Civic Ledger is a young start up – each of our co-founders have many, many years’ experience in their respective sectors and industry – so the big mistakes have already happened from our past lives before founding Civic Ledger.

Any advice for someone starting a startup? OR Best advice you have been given as a startup?

Find your authentic voice and work on solving problems that will change the lives of a million people.

What is it like working in the Fishburners Community?

We became part of the Fishburners Community late in 2016 when we hosted the Inaugural Brisbane Blockchain Symposium – immediately as a startup we felt welcome and valued.

When we were ready to make the decision to join a co-working community Fishburners was top of mind. The space, people and facilities are world class and our clients are always impressed with the surrounds.

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