All startups are equal – Fishburners says“yes” to equality

where all startups are equal


Sydney, Brisbane, Friday, September 8, 2017: Australia’s largest community of startups, Fishburners has shown its support for marriage equality, proudly taking on the LGBTIQ rainbow and updating it’s tagline to “where all startups are equal.”

The Fishburners’ Board and CEO Annie Parker were unanimous in their support for marriage equality.

“The Australian startup ecosystem is diverse and Fishburners has always been an accepting community where the diversity of our members has been celebrated,” Ms Parker said.

“Fishburners’ position on same-sex marriage is clear – we have provided support to Australian Marriage Equality, we 100% believe in equality and want our members to have the same inclusive experience outside of Fishburners as they do at work, and for people to be safe and to be accepted wherever they are,” she said.

“We recognise and respect that our members will have their own views on marriage equality but we are an inclusive community united in our determination in creating and helping scalable tech startups in a co-working space free from discrimination.”

Fishburners has an existing code of conduct that requires all members to participate in an environment free of harassment, intimidation, bias and unlawful discrimination.

Fishburners will remain rainbow throughout the postal ballot campaign.

About Fishburners
Fishburners pioneered coworking for startups in Australia and is now a collective of coworking spaces for scalable tech startups in Sydney, Brisbane and Shanghai. A not for profit, Fishburners exists to inspire and support entrepreneurs and teams to not only start, but to scale for impact. More than 900 startups have started their journey with us so far. Driven by our values and community, our members and alumni are some of Australia’s best. As of late 2017 Fishburners will be an anchor tenant in Sydney’s startup hub.

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