Biztech Lawyers Celebrates Big Wins & a Special Offer for the Fishburners Community

Biztech lawyers is celebrating some major wins as they open a Melbourne office and begin their plans for an expansion into the US. The company is the ultimate tech-centric business law firm and legaltech consultancy, founded by CEO Anthony Bekker.

After some time with global firms across multiple countries, and being part of their aggressive growth strategies, Anthony believed he had a unique perspective on the dynamic relationship between the legal and operational edge some global companies took advantage of in their own acceleration. 

“I wanted to bring this style of thinking and services to the Australian startup market in a way that enabled tech-driven companies to use legal to grow exponentially; as a decision-making partner rather than a commercial blocker,” Anthony explains.

“There aren’t that many other firms doing the sort of high value work we do – which is mission-critical legal work for tech companies.  So one of our biggest tasks has been to let clients know that there is a specialised legal service out there that can connect you globally!”

“Getting the balance between working ‘in’ your business and working ‘on’ your business has been something I’ve had to work at, and now we have an amazing team – dedicated to our clients, that live and breathe all that a start-up entails.”

Biztech lawyers recognise that it’s one thing to join a business and drive 10-times growth, or scale up in value and staff, but it’s another to build your own business from these very same principles and develop long-term partnerships with your clients. 

In the last 12 months, Biztech lawyers has:

● Quadrupled (4x) its client base on 2019, during a pandemic;

● Launched an office in Melbourne to serve the burgeoning tech community there.  

● Grown the team by five;

● Supported three law grads through their practical legal training in one of the worst years on record for junior lawyers;

● Notched up 20+ five-star client reviews on google;

● Published over fifty original content themed for tech companies and start-ups;

● Posted over 200 social posts across FB, LinkedIn and Instagram; 

● Continued its tradition of donating 1 percent of gross profit to charities close to its heart at the Sydney Children’s Hospital; 

● Became carbon-neutral.  

● Launched ‘Biztech Documents’ as an independent business offering over 40 automated legal documents for startups and business owners to DIY.

The company is now in an early phase of an aggressive international growth strategy, with the aim of becoming the preeminent technology counsel for global startup businesses. This will mean connecting directly with them in all of the key markets in which they cluster; including the US, Singapore, HK and the UK.  Biztech Lawyers will offer a joined-up offering across markets – perfect for businesses who need to be ‘global from day one’.

“First stop is the USA, with Biztech Lawyers launching in the US by way of a merger with a US firm in July 2021. And, earlier this quarter we were very excited to launch directly into the Melbourne market; doors opened on the 7th April,” Anthony says.

“While Zoom calls are great, our clients come to understand and expect that we’re on their team.  And sometimes that requires punching through an idea in an all-hands whiteboard session, or other times simply lending an ear in a confidential coffee chat.  And the coffee in Melbourne is very good, so why not?!”

“Also, because there’s no Fishburners in Melbourne (why not?!?) we are located in the Commons, South Yarra – 11 Wilson St, South Yarra VIC 3141. Our Melbourne-based Special Counsel is Yehuda Orelowitz. He has acted as an “external GC” to a range of technology-focused businesses and advised spin-out and startup companies on the full breadth of transactional and legal matters, contracts and all other functions generally served by an in-house legal counsel.”

“Yehuda also has a strong understanding of the commercialisation lifecycle having worked with universities and IP focused venture funds on research related projects as well as helping private enterprises to commercialise research-based IP.” 

Biztech Lawyers also has a special offer for the Fishburners community: 

“We’re offering a special perk within the Fishburner’s Founders Hub, offering a free legal health check, and half hour review with a lawyer. The notional value would be $950, and it would be free.”

“Also, we’ve signed up with TRACE to be climate positive. As a smaller business it really is possible and we thought it may be of interest to other Fishburners who have the same ideals, but didn’t realise they can start to support climate action now while they are starting out. Here is a blog link with some info we recently shared”.

Anthony also has some great advice for other startups:

“Build structure and process into what you do, as you go.  Building a solid foundation by implementing key documents and processes early on helps set the tone for the company’s future. When commercial activity starts rolling and founders are then distracted by sales, marketing and R&D, other critical foundations can be missed – like managing your shareholders and employees,” Anthony says. 

“Putting in place a good shareholders’ agreement helps founders to have important discussions early on. Creating a well-planned employee share plan creates exciting opportunities and incentives for new hires. Ensuring all intellectual property is properly protected and owned by the company is critical to building long term value.” 

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