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Cultivate an entrepreneur mindset and future proof your career
With Essential Shift and Fishburners

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  • Do you want to have more engaged staff and teams
  • Are you under pressure to build new business models or process improvements 
  • Are you in a rut at work?
  • Do you have ideas and don’t know how to execute them, sell them to your team, your boss or your clients?
  • Do you want to boost your motivation and capacity for innovative thinking?
  • Do you want to learn the first steps to building a new venture?
  • Are you a change maker?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time to IDEATE UP.

IDEATE UP, is a  best practice ideation program I designed for leaders and teams wanting to embed Intrapreneurial mindsets in their organisation to drive innovation and change from within and to future proof their jobs their career.

What you can expect

Cultivate an entrepreneur mindset to build habits for success
Learn where to start in your entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial journey
Connect you with your passion
Gain confidence by practicing and iterating
Go through the first steps of kickstarting your business or internal project
Turn your ideas into profitable products and services
Create the products and services that customers want
Create a compelling pitch to sell your idea and practice it
Be part of a collective immersive experience
Learning from entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs’s journeys, hints and tips

Over 1 day per week for 4 weeks this hands-on ideation program will show you how to  bring an idea to life, giving you a clear process and framework to prove, test and sell an idea – whether it’s a new revenue generating idea, operational innovation or process improvement.

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IDEATE UP is an action-oriented and experiential learning that helps you uncover your very own business or project idea using proven business techniques and methods in a unique immersive program.

Ideal for those starting out on their entrepreneur/intrapreneurs journey: whether you are still defining your business idea, have a great idea but not sure how to turn it into a viable business model, or want to take your idea to the next level, this program is for you.

Following a set of specially crafted immersive activities, you’ll be lead on a journey discovering what is unique to you, uncovering your passion, defining your problem and niche, to creating your first prototype, and perfecting your pitch.

IDEATE UP combines the best of well-known strategy frameworks and theories including Theory U, Doblin’s innovation framework and Lean Start-up with self development and mindfulness, in a unique multidisciplinary and holistic approach. It is designed to help you discover and combine your passion with proven business strategy frameworks to create a viable business model for your idea, in just four days.

The program will help you dive within, make the shift that allows you to emerge with the right mindset and productive actions, to bring your project to life with clarity and impact.

Your course facilitator

With a Master of Sciences in Entrepreneurship, Consulting and Management, Laetitia Andrac – founder of Essential Shift – is a strategist, a consultant and an accredited coach in Business Strategy and Transformation. She works with individuals as well as larger groups to kickstart innovative thinking for the development of new ideas and Entrepreneurial mindsets. 

 Curious by nature, she uses a holistic and alternative approach in her coaching: she is an NLP practitioner, Theory U advocate, Doblin methodology facilitator, neuroscience and mindfulness enthusiast. She is passionate about inspiring people to be their best by unleashing their own potential. An avid supporter of the start-up community, Laetitia loves coaching and mentoring programs for innovators, intrapreneurs and start-ups founders.

Laetitia has worked as a Business Strategy Consultant for Monitor-Deloitte and Capgemini. She is highly experienced in leading transformational projects for multinational organisations, NGOs and local governments in Australia and overseas. More recently, she led the incubation of an Artificial Intelligence Business for one of Australia’s leading brands, taking the project from ideation to revenue across the various stages of a business life-cycle. She has built and managed high-functioning teams ranging from 3 to 30 people from multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Past Speakers

Day 1

Create a business aligned with your passion / purpose / values – Charbel Zeaiter

Charbel Zeaiter, Founder of the Faster Zebra family of brands (Velvet Onion & Friends, Saint Frankie & The Alt Saints and Wogfood:au) & Co-founder of Academy Xi
With over 22 years in UX, design and technology, 15 years in food and hospitality and 5 years in digital education (successfully exited from my startup Academy Xi in October 2019), I’m lucky to work with aligned people and organisations to improve all life. I’m passionate about creating experiences that solve real problems for humans (and all life) in real contexts, whether they’re commercial, social or environmental.
My career has taken me from Australia, USA, UK and Asia.
I’m interested in creating a better future, through thoughtful, collaborative and intentional design. Improving all Life and Elevating the Human Experience is my personal mission. We’re connected by one thing: our humanity; the problems we solve, whether digital or analogue, are designed to touch the lives of many people and the planet.
With this in mind, my purpose through work and life is clear and I’ve created Faster Zebra.
Compared to the intangible, often painful and impossibly esteemed startup Unicorn, the Zebra is real, she’s tangible, she’s relatable and beautifully captures our Brand family’s objectives to solve:

Day 2

Focus on problem to solve – Joel Robbie

Joel Robbie is the founder and CEO of Nod, the award-winning document automation and compliance platform saving companies up to 75% on document creation time. Joel has a Bachelor of Psychology and over 8 years experience in product development and enterprise sales at one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies prior to founding Nod

Day 3

Gen George, Executive Director of Genry Capital, Executive Chair of The Daily Skin Co., Co-Founder of Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBDW)

Gen is a serious entrepreneur as Executive Director of Genry Capital and Executive Chair of The Daily Skin Co.
Gen also co-founded 4 years ago the global group Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBDW), a group for entrepreneurial women which has now 116k members and holds monthly events in every major city in Australia as well as in 20+ cities around the world: SF, NYC, London, Dublin, LA, Hong Kong.
She is also the founder and ex-Managing Director of Skilld and OneShift as well as co-founder of Tamme that she successfully exited.
She has received a lot of awards including Forbes 30 Under 30, AFR Top 100 women of influence and Telstra Young Entrepreneur of The Year (NSW).

Day 4

Tell a good story – Betty Andrews

Betty Andrews is the founder of social enterprise Hstl&Hrt, with a mission to change the world one woman at a time. Hstl&Hrt connects women with the coaches they need to thrive in business and life, whilst donating some profits to rescuing women out of poverty and abuse.

A trained journalist, Betty is also a content strategist and copywriter, who brings her 14 years in marketing and business, to bring a creative, entrepreneurial approach to corporate environments.

Having worked with some of the biggest businesses in the world including, L’Oréal, LVMH, Weight Watchers, Merck, Cisco, ASUS, DNSW, Logitech and more, Betty uses data to create brand stories to drive content and commerce.

Why Fishburners

Fishburners is a Not for profit dedicated to fostering and building successful startups.  We know that a key ingredient for generating  the jobs of today and tomorrow and for creating innovative products and services needed to sustain healthy organisations  is learning and development that increases people’s entrepreneurial capacity and inspires and catalyzes new ideas.

We are incredibly excited to be working with Essential Shift to bring this program to our aspiring entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, we know that  staying relevant, engaged and productive are essential to future proofing your job and your career.


Program Overview

Every Session Includes
Every MORNING you will start with mindfulness (meditation) and define a clear goal for the day (as well as some of the questions you want answered). Every LUNCH You will have wholesome food and a guest star speaker, based on the theme of the day. Every WORKSHOP You will get a concise insight on key areas needed to bring your project to life: problem solving, types of innovation, entre/intrapreneur mindsets , design thinking customer profiling, revenue models, etc.
Day 1 Week 1 - Understand your mindset
What is an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? What traits do they share? How do they execute on new ideas. How can I connect what I think , with what I care about , with what I do and put passion into it?
Day 2 Week 2 - Define your problem, your market and your solution
What problem do I want to solve? Who are my customers? How do customers solve the problem today? How will I solve the customer’s problem? Who are my competitors? What is making my idea unique?
Day 3 Week 4 - Create your prototype and your business model
What is the name/brand of my project/idea? What is my prototype? How do I validate my idea with customers/users? What is the feedback on my prototype? What are my revenue/change drivers? How will I know if I have a viable idea/business model?
Day 4 Week 4 - Pitch your project/idea and define your next step
How can I tell a story in a compelling way that will draw the audience and sell my idea? What should I put in a pitch deck (and just as importantly - what should we leave out?) What are the next steps I need to take to move forward?

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