Event Agreement Terms & Conditions | Fishburners

Event Agreement Terms & Conditions

Facilities & Equipment

If any equipment, furniture or facilities are broken, damaged or stolen, the event host will incur the cost of fixing or replacing the item.

Fishburners does not take responsibility for your equipment if left in the space, so please make sure you take it with you.

Building Access & Evacuation

Entering & Exiting the Building

Access to Fishburners event space is via Brisbane Visitor Information Centre/Regent Theatre, not our street address: Fishburners Level 2, 155 Queen St, Brisbane.

Brisbane Visitor Information Centre is open from:
Monday to Thursday – 9am-5:30pm
Friday – 9am-7pm
Saturday – 9am-5pm
Sunday – 10am- 5pm

We recommend providing additional information to guests to help them find the event (Eg: Access to Fishburners event space is via the Brisbane Visitor Information Centre/Regent Theatre located at 167 Queen Street Mall, Queen St, Brisbane).

Access key cards can be provided to the event host 24hrs prior to their scheduled event to allow for set up purposes. By signing this document event organisers agree to returning the allocated event access card within 24 hrs following their event. A lost,damage or unreturned access card will incur a $50 charge on the final invoice.

Under no circumstances are the Regent’s Theatre Queen St doors to be left open after their trading hours. All event hosts must let individual guests in using the access card.

Loading Dock

For deliveries and catering that require vehicle access Fishburners loading dock may be used for drop offs/pick ups. Access to the loading dock is via swipe card entry which can be provided to you the day before your event.

Address: Fishburners Loading Dock, 142 Elizabeth St, Brisbane, 4000, QLD (The driveway is on the left directly after Secure Parking, once at the steel gates please wait for entry from a staff member). When the driver has arrived please buzz on the intercom, FISHBURNERS L3. Alternatively call, 0401 112 199.

Capacity Management

At all times the building capacity on Level Two must not exceed 175 people. In order to maintain capacity limits, the event host must not overbook their allocated capacity.

Alcohol & Licensing

Where licenses are required for activities undertaken by any party in the Space (e.g. service of food or alcohol), it is the event host’s obligation to ensure all necessary licenses are in place prior to event workers and guests entering the building. Event hosts are not allowed to sell alcohol to event attendees whilst on the premises.


Fishburners has insurance that will cover any incidentals during your event that were caused by Fishburners property. Please note that we encourage all events to take out their own public liability insurance to cover any injury or property damage incidentals caused by the event itself.

Examples of where this might apply:

  • An attendee damaging Fishburners property and/or Regent’s Theatre lobby, foyers and lifts at either of these addresses.
  • An attendee getting sick from the food at your event.
  • An attendee injuring themselves from acting recklessly, and/or under the influence of alcohol at either of these addresses.


Please ensure your insurance policy covers both Fishburners and the Regent Theatre building address. If you have any more questions about this, please let us know.

External Sponsorship

Event hosts must not remove, turn off, or move any sponsor signage. You may display your own supporters’ banners and logos alongside. It is the responsibility of the event host to inform Fishburners of whom their sponsors are and if they are competitors of our sponsors. We require all event hosts to respect our sponsorship promotion and not to interfere with our sponsors logos on the TV’s (do not at any times turn off the TV’s).

Cancellation Period

Fishburners’ event space is in high demand, and regularly booked every evening and weekend, a month in advance. All cancellations must be made no less than 14 days prior to the booking, to avoid a 50% of total cost cancellation fee. If the entire event is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the event Fishburners will retain the event space agreed cost.

Food & Beverage Selections

These are to be finalised no less than 5 business days prior to the event. If by any chance the event cancels within 24 hours prior to delivery, event hosts will incur a 30% surcharge on the total order value (inc. GST). Same day cancellations will be invoiced in full.

Code of Conduct

By having an event at Fishburners, you agree to abide and enforce our Code of Conduct. Fishburners has zero tolerance towards any kind of discrimination and values inclusive communities. We encourage you to acknowledge your agreement towards the code of conduct by mentioning it at the beginning of your event.

Here is some example wording:

“We’re excited to be here at Fishburners for our event today. Fishburners values inclusive communities and all events hosted here are governed by their community code of conduct. If any issues arise that make you feel uncomfortable don’t hesitate to come and speak to one of the team, we want everyone to feel welcome!”

In addition to this, Fishburners encourages the event host to promote diversity at their events and support minority groups that are underrepresented within the tech/startup ecosystem (Eg If you are hosting a panel event ensure there is a mix of speakers from different genders and/or cultural backgrounds to provide a more diverse perspective).


Welcome to Country

Fishburners respects the need to provide a Welcome to Country at events. This practice shows respect for the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners and Elders of a particular area or region. In Brisbane please pay respect to the the Turrbal and Jagera People when providing a Welcome to Country.

Short version

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we gather today and pay my respect to Elders past and present and to emerging community leaders. I also acknowledge the important role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the Brisbane startup ecosystem.

Long version

Out of commitment to reconciliation and respect I acknowledge the the Turrbal and Jagera People as the Traditional Owners of the land where we gather today and recognise that this land has always been under their custodianship. I pay my respect to Elders past and present and to emerging community leaders. I also extend respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people here today. An ‘Acknowledgment of Traditional Owners’ is an important mark of respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and can be given by anyone.