Desk Use Policy | Fishburners

Desk Use Policy

The following desk policy is to be met by all members, any breach of the policy will result in a warning and further breach may result in membership cancellation.

Members with a dedicated membership will be granted a desk. Members may only store their items on or under their desk.

Community members may only store items on community benches for the duration they are at the office. Community desks are to be cleared after every day.

Alternatively all members can rent a locker for additional storage (subject to availability)

Any items stored anywhere other than the areas previously specified must be taken home.

If an item outside of the allowed storage areas is not taken home the member will receive a warning.

Any member that continues to not comply with the policy may have their membership cancelled immediately.

Teams with 10 or more people will be allocated extra storage in an area decided by management.

Teams with 10 or more people still need to comply with the desk storage policy as stated above, only storing items on top of or below each allocated desk.