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Fishburners Elevator Pitches with Gavin Wedell from Changeplan

This week tune in to hear more about ChangePlan as co-founder and CEO Gavin Wedell takes an elevator ride to share what they’re working on.

What is ChangePlan?

Did you know that projects that don’t get people on board are up to seven times less likely to achieve their time and cost objectives? ChangePlan is the world’s first change management SaaS platform that allows anyone to create a robust change management plan.

ChangePlan makes it easy to really quickly create the right activities to engage stakeholders, equip them with the skills and knowledge they need and can also embed all of the changes that are happening in one place.

How can you get involved with ChangePlan?

Check out what they do by visiting their website here:

To stay up to date with the latest videos we’ll be sharing each week tune in on our Youtube channel here.

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