Where Startups Grow: How to Transition to a Growth Marketing Approach

At last week’s growth community group at Fishburners, Expert in Residence and Managing Director at ikaros, Daniel Lohrmann interviewed Albert Mai, the Head of Growth at Vero.

Albert ran through his experience as a growth marketer in various B2B & B2C companies, having scaled a number of Australia’s leading tech startups (such as Airtasker & GlamCorner). During the session, Fishburners members asked Albert a series of growth-related questions, and here are the key takeaways from the session.

A Career in Growth: Journey to a Polymath.

Albert explained that his progression to growth leadership required him to master both soft and technical skills, and be able to apply himself across the entire business funnel. This progression started with basic wireframing & landing page creation, all the way through to data analytics, SEO, growth marketing, performance marketing, SQL & BI, CRO, above the line marketing, marketing automation, product marketing, programmatic ads, and finally product-led growth.

B2B vs B2C: Differences & Challenges

Across different business types, Albert recognised the key pain points to overcome and strategies he needed to succeed. Obsessed with efficiency, Albert stressed that regardless of industry, it was crucial to correctly prioritise growth tests and strategies. 

Depending on his situation/the nature of the startup he worked at, he would customise a data-driven framework to match, such as an iterated version of the PIE framework (Potential + Impact + Ease). For Fishburners members who were embracing more common frameworks like ICE or RICE, he encouraged customisation to suit the needs of the startup and their current strategies. This data-informed mentality shined through in all of the other practical strategies he shared, from using a keyword trend, heatmap to prioritise content production across his calendar, all the way to his calculated retention drip campaigns that combined user-interviews/survey in a way that felt ‘easier with less commitment.’

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