FAQ | Fishburners


What companies can apply to join Fishburners?

  • We only cater to tech startups that are building a tech product or platform.

What is a tech startup?

  • A tech startup is a business that is creating a technology based product/platform intended to reach a significant market. Remember your startup doesn’t necessarily need to be in the tech sector to be a tech startup, it just needs to be leveraging technology. Some examples of tech startups are Uber, eBay and AirBnB. Although these businesses are in the transport, retail and accommodation industries they are leveraging technology to reach more customers.

What are the minimum membership terms?

  • Community memberships have a flexible one month term. Dedicated desks have a minimum two month term.

Does Fishburners operate on the weekends?

  • Although management is not in the office on weekends, members are allowed to use the space 24/7.

Do you offer private offices?

  • Not at this stage. All our coworking spaces are open plan but we do have private board rooms.

I would like to give pro bono advice to Fishburners members

  • Thanks for showing interest! If you have a service that you’d like to offer and have experience dealing with startups, drop us a line at [email protected].

Can I have a free trial?

  • At Fishburners, we believe the best way to appreciate the real value of the community is to join as a member. We’re happy to give you a tour of our spaces, and you can apply to become a part of Fishburners.

I’m a tech freelancer/consulting firm. Do I qualify for Fishburners?

  • Unfortunately due to high demand we are only accepting startups that are building their own tech product or platform.

We are a team that will need to sit together. Do you offer desks together?

  • We have many teams that we accommodate desk for. Subject to availability, we will do all we can to get you desks together.

I have an overseas startup but will be expanding to Australia. Can I set up my Australian office at Fishburners?

  • We allow overseas startups but only accept startups that have the founder working from Fishburners.

I’m interested in sponsoring Fishburners

I’m new to the startup scene, where should I start?

  • A good starting point is coming to our weekly Friday Startup Pitches. You will be able to get inspired with three startup pitches and we have great networking with the startup community to follow. We also run lots of great events for newbies, check out our events page to see what’s on.
  • As our members are busy building their startups, we currently don’t facilitate job introductions. The best way to find talent is to attend a startup event or to post a listing on siliconbeachaustralia.org/jobs.