Experts in Residence

Meet the Experts in Residence at Fishburners

The Fishburners Experts in Residence are a group of highly sought after individuals who offer their expertise and guidance to the Fishburners startup community.

Their areas of expertise range from business & strategy, sustainability, raising capital, innovation, holistic wellbeing and more.

The experts provide a range of offerings to the Fishburners members including mentoring hours, educational workshops, learning content and more.

Peter Brown

Pitching and Story Telling

Betty Andrews

Women In Business

Daniel Lohrmann

Growth Marketing

Adam Long

Sustainability and Marketing Strategy

Darren Terkel

Human Resources

Charlotte Connell

Sustainability and Social Impact

Henk Kleynhans

Business and Strategy

Ellisa Bennett

Raising Capital

Anuraj Gambhir

Innovation and Strategy

Laetitia Andrac

Holistic Business and Strategy

Richard Lin

Raising Capital