goCatch is a smartphone application that connects taxi drivers directly with passengers in real-time.

Passengers and drivers have the same application on their smart-phones and when a passenger wants a taxi, they tap the goCatch button and this broadcasts their location out to drivers via the phone’s GPS. goCatch means no more waiting around in the rain, you can now stay inside and watch on your iPhone as your taxi approaches and catch taxis that are nearby but out of sight.

Drivers can see the location & destination details of passengers and are able to secure more jobs and more fares faster.


Interview with one of Go-Catchs founders, Ned Moorfield

Ned is the high spirited business wizz from GoCatch. GoCatch work down in the basement so unfortunately Level 2 don’t see much of him but you can be sure to see this social butterfly at every fishburner party. Ned is a big supporter of the Fishburners community as he knows how important it is to surrounded yourself with fellow entrepreneurs. He also knows how hard it is to work and keep motivated when working at home.



Throwing big parties and travelling


Summary of Neds business background:

  • Graduated in computer systems engineering
  • Worked in Europe for 3 years doing software and finance development (Did Robotic Engineering in Germany!)
  • Decided he wanted to start his own business but had no idea what he wanted to do
  • Surrounded himself with likeminded people in 2010 attending open coffee events, Silicon Valley, Sydstart etc. Came to the understanding that he wanted to do a mobile app as he could see the market was going to take off
  • Met business partner Andrew Campbell at an event and after hard brainstorming came up with Taxi Apps aka GoCatch


So what exactly is GoCatch?

  • Smart Phone app that connects taxi drivers and passengers
  • Drivers use the app and it picks up their location through GPS. That information goes to Gocatch’s server and allows them to display the location of those drivers to passengers
  • Passengers either send out a pick up request to all taxis around them or send a request to a specific driver. Once a driver has accepted, it shows the passenger the tracking of the approaching taxi in real time
  • Currently have thousands of taxi drivers using it including some from Singapore and Croatia.
  • The company has won an array of awards such as the UNSW Peter Farrel Cup and State government funding.
  • Plan on expanding to Asia in the near future


Neds Skills

  • Has a tech background but because of the development in Gocatch he has a much more business focused mind
  • Expert in pitching a business plan (evident in his pitching comp winnings)
  • Knowledge in funding
  • Business Strategy advise

Ned :

Would love to exchange some of my knowledge on product and business strategy for knowledge in marketing ie social media, SEO