Anchor Systems

Local hosting company, Anchor Systems sponsors our beer and pizza for all public events.

Below is some words from Anchor’s Founder, Andrew Rogers.

“I’m very excited that we’ve been able to get Anchor onboard as a Fishburners sponsor most of all because I’m told our money will be going exclusively towards the beer supply!
Whilst we’ve now been operating for 12 years I guess I still consider Anchor to be a startup, at least we still behave like one. I co-founded Anchor straight out of Uni, we had a few people around us that gave us advice but nothing like the enormous depth of experience and support that exists in the startup community today. Having started without it makes you acutely aware of how valuable the Fishburners ¬†and startup community in general is.

Web hosting is one of the first things that most startups sort out so we’ve met with quite a few over the years. I really enjoy hearing about new business ideas and watching them grow, I’ve been getting a bit more involved in mentoring recently a loving the opportunity to give back some of that early support we received from our mentors.

My very very short pitch for Anchor – we work with customers from $30/month upwards, we can help you scale, we do outsourced devops, we’ll manage all the way to your code – and we can host your app in the US if that’s where your customers are. We love deploying smart technical solutions so come and pick up brains, we’re going to be in Fishburners once a week for the rest of the year.”